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Luciano Bastos

    Luciano Bastos is director and clinical instructor of contact lenses at the IOSB, consultant and specialist in the design, manufacture, modification and adaptation of special contact lenses for visual rehabilitation of patients with irregular corneas, such as keratoconus, sequelae of refractive surgery, post-operative corneal transplantation, post-trauma and other corneal dystrophies and pathologies for corrective and therapeutic purposes. He pioneered the development of the first special RGP lens for post-implantation cases of intrastromal rings, is the author of the concept of Digital Consulting for ophthalmologists in highly complex cases and has recently also pioneered the Scleral and Semi-Scleral Aspherical RGP lenses for optical correction and/or therapeutic treatment for pathologies associated with the ocular surface.

Summarized curriculum:

  • Member of CLMA (Contact Lens Manufacturers Associations - USA)

  • Member of RGPLI (Rigid Gas Permeable Lens Institute - USA)

  • Member of CLSA University (Contact Lens Society of America - USA)

  • Member of the Scleral Lens Education Society (SLS - USA)

  • Member of BCLA (British Contact Lens Association - UK)

  • Specialization in Contact Lens by CLAO (Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists - USA)

  • Contributor of scientific articles for the specialized magazine Contact Lens Spectrum Magazine (USA)

  • Contributor of scientific articles for the specialized magazine Contact Report (USA)

  • Contributor of scientific articles for the specialized magazine Global Contact Magazine (Europe)

  • Contact Lens Spectrum Magazine US columnist (2011 to 2022)


Activities and Scientific Contributions

  • Coordinator of Internships in Special Adaptations in Irregular Corneas - IOSB (2004 - 2009)

  • Articles published in Global Contact Magazine - EU (1995 - 2008 - 2021)

  • Articles published in Contact Lens Spectrum Magazine - USA (2004 - 2022)

  • Clinical Instructor on Fitting Special Lenses in Complex Cases (IOSB) 2022

  • Co-author of the book Contact Lens - 2nd Edition by Cleber Godinho, Brunno Dantas Et al. (2010)

  • Article Author Cover of Contact Lens Spectrum Magazine (November, 2011)

  • Articles published by Luciano Bastos: Go to Articles or click  here


Dr. Marcelo Bittencourt (CRM/RS 9683)

  •   Clinical Director of the IOSB, works at Hospital Presidente Vargas since 1982, at Hospital Pronto Socorro in Porto Alegre since 1985 and at IOSB since November 2004. Specialist in cornea and adaptation of contact lenses.
      Dr. Marcelo Bittencourt has a deep knowledge of medicine, ophthalmology and special contact lenses, offering all patients a lot of safety, precision in the evaluations and proposed treatments.  


Summarized curriculum:

  • Training in Medicine at UFRGS (1978)

  • Postgraduate in Ophthalmology at the Ivo Corrêa Meyer Institute - POA/RS (1980)

  • Participation in numerous national and international congresses and symposia in ophthalmology.

  • Member of the Clinical Staff of the Hospital Banco de Olhos de Porto Alegre - RS

  • Member of the Clinical Staff of Hospital Pronto Socorro de Porto Alegre, RS

  • Clinical Consultant at Hospital Presidente Vargas - Porto Alegre, RS

  • Director and partner of the Dr. Saul Bastos Eye Institute (IOSB) - Porto Alegre, RS

  • Member of the Brazilian Society of Contact Lenses, Cornea and Refractive Surgery - SOBLEC

  • Member of the Brazilian Council of Ophthalmology - CBO





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