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     Instituto de Olhos Dr. Saul Bastos (IOSB) is the result of the initiative of its founder, Dr. Saul Bastos, a pioneer ophthalmologist in Brazil with extensive experience in visual rehabilitation of patients with irregular corneas, using special high performance contact lenses developed for him and his son Luciano Bastos. Dr. Saul specialized in contact lens fittings in the USA and Europe for several years, becoming a national and international reference in the subject.

     His son is a developer and manufacturer of special contact lenses at the Ultralentes laboratory, he is a director and clinical instructor of contact lenses at the IOSB. Luciano continues the work carried out by Dr. Saul, with a team of specialized ophthalmologists to assist patients at the Dr. Saul Bastos Eye and Contact Lens Clinic.

       The IOSB, through its body of highly qualified professionals, takes great pleasure in attending to its old and new patients, who often come from all over Brazil.  even from abroad in search of a solution for your case.


    Excellence in Visual Rehabilitation with the use of special high-performance contact lenses, treatments and prescription glasses.


    Consolidate the IOSB as an international reference center for clinical and scientific research in the visual rehabilitation of patients with irregular corneas with the use of special lenses.


    Ensure the best visual acuity of our patients safely and with maximum comfort.

The Founder     Dr. Saul Bastos – In Memorian  




    Dr. Saul Bastos was a pioneer in Brazil in the adaptation of contact lenses and dedicated himself to visual rehabilitation with the use of special contact lenses in his 40 years of ophthalmology. A scientist and conscientious doctor who, before turning to ophthalmology, was a general practitioner and obstetrician, having performed more than 500 deliveries, all of them successfully and in sometimes very difficult conditions. He studied Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology together for some time before going solely into Ophthalmology.

   An internationally respected professional, he was a speaker at several national and international congresses and symposia, and was co-author of the first book on ophthalmology and contact lenses. Member of CBO (Brazilian Council of Ophthalmology), SBO (Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology), co-founder of SOBLEC (Brazilian Society of Cornea and Contact Lenses), where he became treasurer, member of SORIGS (Sociedade Ophthalmologia do RS) , where he was President and Vice-President, member of CLAO (Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists - USA), member of AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmologists - USA), member of International Contact Lens Educators (IACLE) and member of CLMA (Contact Lens Manufacturers Association - USA).

In 1986, together with his son, he set up a laboratory specializing in the manufacture of contact lenses, improving and sophisticating the technology used in the visual rehabilitation of his patients.

Dr. Saul and his son Luciano Bastos jointly developed the special Ultracone contact lenses (modified Soper type) for keratoconus and the special Ultraflat lenses adapted after refractive and corneal transplant surgery. These today are among the best specialty contact lenses in the world for irregular corneas. In 2001 he asked his son Luciano Bastos to study scleral lens technology. He was always a visionary and with that he appointed his teacher, Dr. Perry Rosenthal, for his son to learn from one of the world's leading experts in this technology.

    Dr. Saul Bastos passed away on September 3, 2004, aged 73. He had a professional and friendly relationship with his patients, all the patients until today comment how they felt good in his presence and considered him, in addition to their doctor, a friend. The vast majority of Dr. Saul's patients continue to consult at the IOSB, being now attended by trained professionals who, together with Luciano Bastos, offer increasing quality and excellence in their visual rehabilitation.

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